Witness of the unknown

Weekly interviews with eye witness telling their encounters with the Sasquatch.

Bigfoot physical qualities witnesses see (part one) EP-17

December 29th, 2016

This week we discuss the physical traits witnesses report seeing during Sasquatch encounters. Myself, TW, Don and Jeremiah have all seen these creatures at least once and "KD" also joins us. This is part one of this discussion, for more check out my website williamjevning.com


Bigfoot and Don Gummow EP-16

December 22nd, 2016

I chatted with Don in an earlier episode, but there has been more Sasquatch activity and we talk more in depth about things he has seen and heard including new activity there. I planned to include several of Don's audio clips with this episode but have not received the filtered audio at this time so will include them when I do an update show with Don. For more information check out my website williamjevning.com


Bigfoot and “Q” EP-15

December 16th, 2016

Southwest Regional Director for the JRG Joe De Hoyos, one of our scientists "KD" and I chat with "Q" about his experiences with the Sasquatch in the southeastern United States.


Bigfoot physical qualities EP-14

December 9th, 2016

Jeremiah,Chance, Don and I discuss the physical qualities of the Sasquatch and for them to exist how these reported qualities should be exactly as they are. check out more at williamjevning.com


Bigfoot; personal beliefs versus evidence and facts EP-13

December 1st, 2016

This week we discuss what some people believe about the Sasquatch versus what has been discovered that is hard evidence and facts and how both effect the subject and how the topic is received by the public.